Half-Marathon Training Plans

Join to get the most advanced half-marathon training available.

Whatever the level of runner you are, and no matter what your half-marathon goal is, we have the training plan just for you.

  • For all abilities, from the beginner to the elite
  • From road to trail – we cover it all
  • The most flexible and customisable training system available
  • Award winning AI-based training
  • Weekly tally of personal bests
  • Almost 100 podium places achieved by our users
  • Plans are not fixed length – you decide when you can / wish to start training
  • Intelligent training for multiple races
  • Analysis and planning with respect to environment
  • The only training system to incorporate illness & injury management
  • In-app support for training questions (or just a friendly chat) with experienced runners and coaches

About Our Plans

TrainAsONE provides a half-marathon training plan that is different to anything else on the market. It calculates your personal plan based on your health, fitness level, availability to train, and time until your race. The system ensures that you are always training at your most effective, optimum and safe level by analysing your phone and/or sports watch data from each and every session.

About TrainAsONE

TrainAsONE is powered by advanced Artificial Intelligence and big data analysis of over 10 million kilometres of running, to precisely model each runner and their training needs. An indicator of the system’s success is the weekly tally of personal bests, and approaching 100 podium places achieved by our users to date.
We provide both free and paid versions of our service. This allows anyone with a mobile phone or sports watch to benefit from our award-winning platform, with the paid offering for those who desire our more advanced features.