Jul 21


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A goal is a desired achievement to attain. TrainAsONE, primarily supports race distance goals, but other factors, such as a desire to loose weight or improving speed, are additionally factored into plan generation.

We sub-classify races according to a priority or importance to you:

  • Primary – This signifies a high priority race that you wish to target your training towards and be in your best possible shape for when you hit the start-line. The system will schedule a full and appropriate taper.
  • Secondary – This is an important race, but not the main focus of your training and one you do not want to be fully prepared for at the expense of your primary race(s). As such, the system will schedule a reduced taper.
  • Casual – A race that you are not directly training for and do not intend to race hard. The system will schedule minimal, if any rest in preparation.

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