Dec 09

Perceived Effort Assessment

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The Perceived Effort Assessment is a structured workout where you are asked to run at certain speeds and specific times according to your subjective level of effort.

  • Ensure that ‘auto-pause’ is turned off on your device.
  • It is very important that these runs are correctly classified and confirmed (via your Dashboard). Erroneous classifications can adversely affect your plan.

A perceived effort run is one mechanism that enables TrainAsONE ® to understand your subjective effort of running and compare to the various underlying physiological processes being measured and tracked. Be honest and do not look at your device (apart from may be to see the time) – start your workout and then put your device in your pocket…

Currently there are 3 levels of effort: Standing, Very Easy Warm-up and Easy Natural pace:

  • Standing: Not strictly a running pace… Stand still and relax for the specified duration. You may like to close your eyes and listen to your surroundings. This is an especially important step for those with a heart rate monitor as the system uses this period to record a standing heart rate.
  • Very Easy Warm-up: Run at a nice slow easy pace to ease into your workout. If you cannot easily hold a conversation without getting short of breath you are going too fast! (If you can run with a friend to help gauge this, then all the better. Else talk or sing to yourself…)
  • Easy Natural: Run at what you feel is an easy natural pace for you. In general, the pace will be slightly faster than your easy warm-up, and holding a conversation would be more difficult but certainly maintainable. For seasoned runners, this would be a pace you feel you could easily maintain for over an hour.


  • Please record the whole session as one activity (run), including any pre-running and post-running standing phases.
  • If you have a heart rate monitor, it is very beneficial to wear it for this workout.
  • Any perceived effort run you perform that is not automatically categorised as such by the system (and you do not manually amend it to be) will result in the system continually re-scheduling a further one.

About The Author

Dr. Sean Radford, the Founder & CEO of TrainAsONE, is a medical doctor, IT expert, coach and podium finisher in international endurance events. He has dedicated more than 20 years to the research of health, fitness and social well-being of the general population. He has been developing Artificially Intelligent (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) tools to help tackle some of the world’s leading health issues. Dr Radford is a Tech Ambassador for the UK, considered a leading expert in his field, and is a regular speaker at key events, as well as an author of numerous research publications.