Jul 21


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In the context of TrainAsONE (in line with many other technology platforms) a workout is a planned activity or training session. Most commonly they are composed into a number of smaller steps to form a structured workout that is designed to improve specific aspects of running performance. Such aspects include increasing speed, building endurance, improving overall fitness, or preparing for a race.

Three common example types of running workouts are:

Long Run: A longer-distance run, usually performed at an easy or moderate pace, aimed at building endurance and improving aerobic capacity. Long runs are essential for marathon training and enhancing overall stamina.

Interval Training: Alternating between high-intensity bursts of running and recovery periods. For example, sprinting for a specific distance or time, followed by a slower jog or walk to recover. Interval training improves speed, anaerobic fitness, and increases the body’s ability to handle high-intensity efforts.

Threshold (or Tempo) Run: A sustained effort at a comfortably hard pace, often at or slightly below the runner’s lactate threshold. Tempo runs improve aerobic threshold, enhance running economy, and increase the ability to sustain a faster pace over longer distances.

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